Border guards have found fishermen catching fish with prohibited tools

15 of June 2020 07:57

Border guards of Donetsk and Chernihiv Border Guard Detachments have found Ukrainians with fish which has been caught with the help of illegal fishing gear.

The border patrol of the Mariupol department, in the course of selling information about possible illegal fishing, has stopped a car ‘Daewoo’ for inspection on the outskirts of Mariupol.

The car was driven by a 43-year-old local resident. It turned out that the man was transporting prohibited fishing gear and 120 kg of fish in the car. Officers of the National Police arrived at the specified place. Law enforcement officers documented this fact. In actions of the man signs of the crime provided by Art. 249 of the Criminal Code "Illegal employment in fish, animal or other water extractive industries." The preliminary amount of damage caused to the state is 68 thousand hryvnia.

And servicemen of the Dniprovsk Border Guard Department, near the Belarus border, on the banks of the Dnieper, found a citizen of Ukraine who was also fishing on a boat with the help of a net. The man managed to catch more than 120 fish of different breeds and caused damage to the state in the amount of more than 5,000 hryvnia. On this fact border guards also have sent the message to the National police according to Art. 249 of CCU.

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