Football as a means of psychophysical rehabilitation of servicemen

28 of June 2020 11:12

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine pays special attention to the psychophysical rehabilitation of combatants.

Every year, national football teams take part in competitions where they show decent results.

This June, the 6th season of the regular football championship among the teams of the League of ATO Participants for the Cup of ATO Heroes of the 2020 season began. The league consists of 88 teams, which is about 3,000 military men who will compete with each other.

Two football teams from the Border Guard Service of Ukraine are taking part in the competition: PRYKORDONNYK of the CENTER division and "KYIV". It is significant that teams from all law enforcement agencies of Ukraine join the championship.

The other day the games of the CENTER division took place between the teams of FC PRYKORDONNYK and FC IMPULSE-AFU - a 7: 1 victory in favour of the border guards. And the KYIV division between the teams of FC PRYKORDONNYK and FC AQUILA-SSU, as well as the victory for the border guards - a score of 3: 1.

It will be recalled that the Football League of ATO/JFO participants is the only football championship in Ukraine where 100% of combatants compete.

Congratulations to the football teams on the successful opening of the 2020 football season. We wish you good games and good rest.

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